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My name is Josh Woods

I’m seeking your vote to represent District 6 on the Mobile City Council. As a graduate of the University of South Alabama, I spent a decade in the banking industry prior to my current role as the Executive Director of The Grounds.


Throughout my career, I’ve held a desire to serve my community, and as my wife and I raise our 3 children in District 6, I’ve become more focused on ensuring our community is ready for the future.


Our Focus

Growing up, my dad taught me that finding ways to serve was the greatest blessing, and as I look forward to the opportunity to serve District 6 on the City Council, what is most important to me is listening, learning, and leading.


I’m seeking to represent all of District 6 - not just one neighborhood, not just one cul-de-sac, and not just one group of people.

Good Government

  • Fix Hillcrest Road traffic

  • Grow business by streamlining regulations

  • Establish an office in District 6


Great Communities

  • Support continued Public Safety Efforts

  • Provide Responsive Service

  • Champion the continued growth of USA and USA Health Systems

Excellent Future

  • Grow Mobile Pro Annexation Vote

  • Encourage expansion of Quality of Life

  • FULL Transparency

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